Course Offerings

We take a dynamic and enthusiastic approach to instruction. Our goal is to create a fine dance education in a disciplined, yet warm environment. Discover the best courses for your child based on their current skill level.

Ages 3-4

Creative Movement

As a child’s first exposure to dance, this class combines simple ballet technique along with fun songs, games and creative imagery. Students will build coordination, balance and flexibility in a nurturing environment, inspiring young dancers.

Ages 4-5


This class builds on the Creative Movement class by adding in more basic ballet technique combined with creative exercises using props and imagery. Students will gain strength, coordination, balance and flexibility and the foundation for the further study of dance.

Ages 5-6

Ballet / Tap Combo

Children get exposure to ballet technique as well as the introduction of tap skills. In addition to building strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, and rhythm, students will learn basic terminology.

Ages 6-7

Ballet / Tap / Jazz Combo

Equal time is spent on building ballet and tap skills while the children get exposure to jazz technique through isolation exercises and across-the-floor combinations.

Ages 7 through Teens - all levels


Dancers learn traditional and classical ballet technique through barre work, turns, leaps, jumps and Adagio routines. Each level of ballet builds on the one prior.

Upon approval


A continuation of Ballet technique, dancing on the toes with special shoes. Prior dance experience and teacher recommendation are required for students to enroll in this class.

Ages 7 through Adults


Each level of tap builds on the one prior. Students will learn basic tap skills leading into more advanced rhythms and patterns such as time-steps, turns, across-the-floor technique and combinations.

Ages 7 through Adults


Each level offered in Jazz is designed to focus on proper technique such as isolations of the body, strength, coordination, and flexibility. Traditional Jazz styles will be explored through across-the-floor progressions and level appropriate dance routines.

Broadway Theater Dance/Contemporary Jazz

Coming soon!

Ages 7 through Teens

Jazz/Hip Hop Fusion

A unique blend of jazz technique with the more mainstream moves seen in music videos, television programs and movies. This high-energy class will incorporate a jazz warm up along with age appropriate choreography and skills.

Ages 9 through Teens

Modern Dance

Students get a blend of the techniques created by modern dance pioneers such as Graham, Taylor, Limon and Horton. These techniques are incorporated into the warm-ups, across-the-floor progressions and dance routines.

Ages 8 through Teens

Musical Theater

Students get to sing, dance and act together in this amazing class that focuses on familiar Broadway musicals. Improvisation techniques and classic theater exercises are utilized in combination with vocal training, acting exercises and dance/movement combinations.

Ages 7 and older

Boys Hip Hop

This fun, high energy class is designed for boys to express their dance styles including free-style, breakdancing, jazz and hip hop moves.

8 Week Adult Workshops

Offered in Tap and Jazz techniques. Adults get exposure to the world of dance! Classes are for all levels and focus on basic skills, across-the-floor progressions and routines in a fun and relaxed environment.