Alumni Information for The 30th Anniversary Show

January 29, 2019 - 2 minutes read

As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary Show, we will be re-visiting our very first show’s theme of the Circus, with some old and some new musical numbers! Alumni are invited to perform and/or participate, with the options listed below.

Performance Date: SUNDAY, JUNE 9, 2019

If you want to perform, please confirm with Anne by 02/15/19. Specify your choices.

You can perform a short jazz combination in a short section of our Finale, “The Parade of Generations,” with the following requirements:

  • Must purchase a Recital T-shirt to be worn with black leggings and black jazz shoes or jazz sneakers. Recital T-shirts usually go on sale in April.
  • You will receive an instructional video for this section, formation notes, and audio file. Anne will be keeping this simpler than in the past – promise! LOL
  • Must attend a Dress Rehearsal (to be scheduled) and the performance.
  • Practice!! If you are local to the studio, we may schedule some rehearsal times in May. Please let Anne know where you are or when you will be in the area!

For those of you who do not wish to perform but would like to take a bow in our finale, “Parade of Generations:”


  1. Purchase a Ticket to attend the performances.
  2. Purchase a Recital T-Shirt and wear it with black leggings/pants and black shoes. Recital T-shirts usually go on sale in April.
  3. IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN PERFORMING IN THE SHOW, you may bow with them. All children will remain in their costume.
  4. IF YOU ARE PERFORMING IN THE SHOW, but would like to have your children (non-performing) bow with you, email Anne for further details.


  1. Attend the show (keep watching on Facebook and Instagram for ticket information)!
  2. Place an ad in our program book. Ads usually go on sale in April.

We look forward to dancing with you again!
Confirm with Anne

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